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Santa Fe Land is the digital home of Ken Ahler Real Estate Company.

Murphy Lake

Our Story

Our Ethos

Ken Ahler Real Estate Company has been Northern New Mexico's premier rural real estate specialty brokerage since 1982. Our founder and qualifying broker, Ken Ahler, founded our agency after breaking away from his family business selling real estate in Ruidoso and the surrounding rural areas of Southern New Mexico. Ken leads the team with 40+ years’ experience with farm, ranch, land and residential properties. We take pride in our extensive knowledge and experience, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. If you're looking to learn, talk, sell or buy farm, ranch or land property in New Mexico, look no further. This is the place to be. Enjoy!

At Ken Ahler Real Estate Co., we have strong values and high standards. We prioritize care and connection in the way we do business and build relationships. We assure that our clients are happy, and our transactions are conducted with utmost integrity. 

Here are the core principles of how we do things:

  • Tell the truth. It's our core policy, and it keeps everyone taken care of.

  • Take it easy. Haste makes waste, and under pressure no one is at their best. We create a calm environment in our office, and work at a pace that is steady in our transactions. We make time for conversations and questions when needed. No need to rush, though we do work swiftly when necessary. 

  • Attention to detail. Specific, clear and detailed documents and agreements are staples of our work. We research any points of speculation or vagueness until a solid answer or conclusion is achieved.

  • Verify, verify, verify. We make sure that all of the proper documents such as title binders, mineral rights, deeds etc. have been verified with legal copies of needed documents in hand before we sign or proceed with binding contracts or agreements. There will be no surprises in working with us. 

  • Listen. Our job is to truly listen and understand the needs, goals, and values of our clients, to secure the sale or purchase of their properties, and ensure that their outcomes align with what they intend and express. We understand the complexity of situations in which people buy and sell land, and the often challenging dynamics between involved parties related by blood or not. We strive to remain neutral, and honor all voices involved.

  • Regenerative Practices. In every transaction, we consider the impacts we will have on people, wildlife and planet now and seven generations forward. It is our goal to align our properties with true stewards, and support property owners in acquiring the skills they need to practice conservation and regenerative development as land and property owners and developers. 

  • Respect for all beings. In our role as realtors, we are guides to our clients, and guests on the land where we work. We honor the ancestral beings and current inhabitants both human and wild on all lands our transactions involve. Respecting and preserving the natural environment on properties we list, or assist in the sale or purchase of, is of utmost importance to us.  

  • Care. We believe that it matters how our actions and interactions make others feel, and how others feel in general. We care. 

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